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About the Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information started out as a sketch in my notebook — a joke about having to field questions that seemed far afield of my area of expertise/education/pay-grade.  It grew from a funny way to answer the phone to a dominion of sites and diversions.

Here’s a list of some of the sites that I maintain or host.

Original content (and alliteration)

Monday Morning Manifesto
Weekly crackpot rantings
Monday Morning Metal
Recent metal that I try to update on Mondays
Magazine collection
A wiki with all of the tablature that I have collected in the time that I have been buying various guitar magazines
My bike rides
A journal of some of my rides

Friends and family

Summer of Stacey
I asked my girlfriend if she wanted a website
Jay Langer
Jay rocks the skin and the stage
Ink Factory Tattoo Shop
Custom tattoo shop and body piercing in Hudson, Wisconsin