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Tiny book art

I used to get asked “What do you do?”

Often I would answer glibly “Whatever I want.”  Lately, I feel that I can add publish a book, or rather self-publish a copy of my Grampa Yochen’s war journal on

I’ve also been curious for some time about hard-covering a book. With my recent Field Notes, I’d like a tiny little portfolio to hold the notebook along with a pen or pencil. I had asked my cousin if she had any ideas of how — I’d always liked fabric choices. At the same time that I had sent the email, I decided to take a stab at the project myself.

I did some quick searches:

I ended up buying an address book kit.  It was approximately the same size as my notebook.  I also bought some chip board (for use as thin book board), glue, brushes, and black book cloth.